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If you mark a 2b, 3 or 4 when completing a RPIC form, key in sometihng in the comments (for example the date you complet the RPIC sheet) so the the online entry can be correlated with the written RPIC form. Read More


Change to pay for meeting attendance: $100 for in town meeting you just attend, $300 for out of town meeting attendance or for chairing a meeting. You must attend majority of meeting (over 50%) to qualify for stipend. If you attend only 1/2 of the meeting, you will be paid only 1/2 of the stipend. Read More


Regarding texting policy for techs, techs do not need to transmit PHI, the can text the type and time of a study rather than the name and MRN. Read More


Dr Garlow handed out an article on contrast reactions to all radiologists, there is also a copy hanging on the wall at Santa Fe. All Radiologists were asked to review the article. Read More


Following discussion Radiologists were told to create some sort of written report for “curbside consults” on studies not done at a facility we read for. These reports should be kept on file at the office. Read More