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Rooks, Russell & Trego (non coach) mammogram should be split as follows: T & Th split beetween Mow & Tele2. M, W, F split between Mow & IC. Friday afternoon split between IC & SF 5:00 radiologist. Read More


If dictation cannot be found and there was a prelim posted on eRad, the radiologist that posted the prelim is responsible for re-dictating the study if he can be reached within a reasonable amount of time. Read More


Scrubbers will no longer assign 20 points to the St Rose Radiologist Mowery radiologist will get 20 points on M-W-F. Tele studies do not follow the Lind-Mow-SF radiologist on Thursday afternoons. Those will be read by Tele & Tele2 rads. Read More


Screening mams done at IC after 4:00 pm can be left for next day. Radiologist is required to stop by Ellsworth on M-W-F only if there is a procedure. Be there by 8:00 am, read studies while he/she is there. Ok to leave as soon as procedure is done & dictated. Read More


Any study from SIC (Harbin’s) done after 11:30 on Fridays should be sent to war room. All DEXA scans should be assigned to the Mowery radiolgist Scrubbers should stop sending studies to Mowery radiologist @ 11:30 on Thursday & Friday Scrubber should assign 20 points to IC radiologist on M-T-Th Group voted (by majority) to Read More